When the wind is up

You decide direction
You decide the way
Wish for far – off places
Wish for a new day
Your thoughts possess a power
You’ ll never understand
A universe can grow from
A tiny grain of sand

Love me as you trust me
Love that has a face
We’ve dumped this ship together
Disappeared without a trace
Be strong in your emotion
Be strong in what you do
Believe you can move mountains
That’s exactly what we’ ll do

Thinking that nothing’ s ever fine
Just the stuff until you’ re mine
What you think
What you do
I know it’ s true
If you never move
You will never stretch
When we are on our way
They will never catch us

Things are never gonna make you rich
You can eat them if you try
And what’s left when you’re through
Isn’t something you can buy
Some will win and others won’ t
And if you should fade
Everyone will know that you were
The one who learned to say:
“And we can fly away”

‘Cause the wind is up
And the webs still sail
And we won’t look back
‘Cause the great never do fade
See the wind is up
And the compass turns
And it can’ t be stopped
And we’re just here to learn

The present is eternal
But nothing ever lasts
You wanna live forever
Then you’ ve got to kill the past
We can rise up into heaven
Or face the fires of hell
But this life that we are livin’
We’ve tried to live it well

Text by Nena Kerner